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My journey from Web Dev to Web 3.0 Dev - Part 3

Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news to share with you all. I recently managed to land a job at a fantastic Web3 company called Halborn as a Frontend Developer! While I'm not working directly with blockchain and smart contracts, I'm utilizing my skills to build amazing Web3 websites for the company.

🏒 About Halborn

Halborn is a cybersecurity company that protects blockchain organizations from cyber attacks. As a third-party partner, Halborn continuously assesses an organization's most vital assets, drives maximum automation, and provides world-class cybersecurity consulting and execution every step of the way - far beyond smart contracts.

🌐 My Work at Halborn

I've been involved in several exciting projects since joining the team. Some of the websites I've been working on include:

  • Halborn's main website ( This is the company's primary website, where you can find information about their services, team, and more.
  • Seraph ( A blockchain security notary platform that aims to build trust and transparency in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Ziion ( A blockchain security testing and development solution that helps organizations ensure the safety and reliability of their smart contracts and other blockchain applications.

Website preview

πŸ“š Slowing Down Web3 Studies

Although I'm still passionate about studying Web3, I've decided to slow down my studies for now to give my best in this new job. I believe this opportunity at Halborn will help me grow and expand my skills in the Web3 space, even if I'm not directly working with blockchain and smart contracts.

πŸ€– Pivoting Towards Prompt Engineering

Another exciting change in my career path is my interest in becoming a Prompt Engineer. I'm looking forward to learning the best ways to use AI to build innovative projects and develop my expertise in this field.

🌟 The Future

This new journey at Halborn is just the beginning, and I'm thrilled to see where it leads me. I'll keep you all updated on my progress, learnings, and any new projects that come my way.

As always, make sure to follow me on my blog and social media to stay updated on my journey:

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Until next time!

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