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A thought about Twitter comments plugin

Twitter comments plugin

I was working on my blog and thought of using Disqus as my commenting system. I went to Disqus and copied their widget code and pasted on my website.

But wait... Now people will come over to my website and they have to signup or login to Disqus to start commenting...

Why can't we just use any twitter's plugin and use the features of twitter?

Here are few benefits we can enjoy if twitter creates a commenting system for websites:

  • People can comment on a blog as they are just tweeting
  • They can include someone by just tagging them in the tweet
  • People can like or retweet the comment so that others can see it and join (if they want)
  • People will receive notifications right in their Twitter app

What are your thoughts about it?

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Ben Halpern

We've had this thought a bit here. Since such a big part of our community runs through Twitter. A couple thoughts:

  • One of the benefits of forcing users to sign up is the barrier to contribution and ability to enforce guidelines more easily.
  • Comment plugins can be an ugly mess in general sometimes.

If we go this route, these are problems we have the capacity to fix because we already have the infrastructure to listen in on Twitter and render the tweets ourselves, so we can implement our own gates and moderation.

Another issue is that investing too much in Twitter as a platform for your own comment system is iffy because they can pull the rug out from under you at any time. This is true for other systems as well, of course.

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Xiao Meng

I just came with the same idea, how was it going since 2017, have you done any project with it?