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Why I'm blogging on DEV now

Rohan "HEXcube" Villoth
Cube³ the Fun!😊 I’m a UI/UX designer, open source enthusiast and former web developer.
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After my previous blogging attempts on GitHub Pages and Medium, I'm giving DEV a try. I've been noting down ideas and content for blogs, but never found time to complete those drafts and publish them. So, this time I'm trying a different approach. I'll be using DEV kinda like a developer journal, to write about interesting technical stuff I find daily. This will be a quick blogging platform for me, where I can note down and share my ideas and experiences. That was the original plan for my (now discontinued) blog on GitHub Pages.

As for my Medium blog, I'll be continuing it parallelly. However, I'll reserve it for more polished content, not necessarily technical or development related. So, I'll be writing here on DEV more frequently, and on Medium only when I have enough time to curate the content. That'll keep the flow of writing blogs, I hope.

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