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What work related websites are your daily go-to and why?

nocnica profile image Nočnica Fee ・1 min read

From sites like Toptal to StackOverflow, we all have a handful of websites we visit everyday, share yours below and why it’s a must!


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I wrote a post on this question here > compositecode.blog/2019/07/11/the-...

A few top choices I go through every day include twitter, dev.to (sometimes), reddit and the respective sub-reddits of programming and other specifics (see post for more details) and there's a few others. I also tend to hit up stack overflow sometimes, but have cut back on that lately since it seems largely futile to answer questions but I try none the less.

Rarely, but still on a semi-regular basis (like once a month) I'll dig through Hacker News. But sometimes it gets higher in my roster of things to check regularly.


and usually the documentation sites for whatever framework or API currently being used (so if it's Oracle for the Apex User Guides, or the React Docs)

Also I like browsing TheVerge, TheHackerNews and TechCrunch during breaks


It depends what I am doing. I feel like that each communities has its best source of information.

Tech Channels
Angular Medium
Firebase Stackoverflow
Gatsby Docs
Ionic Docs and forum
Javascript Stackoverflow, MDN Web docs, Caniuse and Google search leading to developer websites
React Dev.to and docs
Stencil Docs and slack channel

I have a 5-digit Slashdot id, so one of my main RSS feeds is still \.
Of course they don't talk only about technology, but their angle on security is not to be missed.
The second one, that really helped my carreer a lot, is InfoQ: if something interesting happens in the business of computer science, it is reported there. Along with the most important presentations, several very-well written pieces about specific technology, and what happens of relevance in the OSS world. Greatly reccommended, an absolute must if you work in a medium-to-large organization (i.e. if you have more than 15 coworkers).


LinkedIn. Gotta get my jabs in at awful staffing industry practices and crappy micromanagers.


I have lost count at this point. Too many of them! Some I can think off right now are:

Hacker News
Documentation (a lot of tools)
LinkedIn - spend most of my time here.
Any news outlet for updates.
Medium - super important for me.

and the list goes on.


The "super important for me" next to Medium arose my curiosity, can you give a bit more context why?

P.S.: Not a judgmental question, I cross-post my articles on dev, my website and medium. Really just curiosity.


sure no worries. In my opinion (and I believe it's a highly personal opinion), I have a found a great amount of high quality product related content there.

I'm a Full Stack Developer by profession but I have always identified as a "product-oriented" developer. The amount of thought provoking content I have found there in this regard is higher than most other platforms and it actually did set my direction in many cases, which is why I mentioned it as super important to me as I follow some writers there.

Thank you for the explanation. Made sense and is interesting. Also I can reflect to the "product-oriented developer", like that definition 👍.


For me its the usual suspects, this site, stackoverflow and i (probably all of us) cant do my job without google.

Some silly ones are ping.eu because i need my ip adress a lot and am to lazy to figure out where i can find it. I also used lipsum.com to get that wierd placeholder text. But since i figured out that emmet can create that for me i hardly use it any more.


Most of my work related sites (other than stack overflow) are documentation. I use Ruby docs a lot and also ClojureDocs.

I also use feedly to subscribe to various feeds around the interwebs (including DEV!) to keep me occupied during my breaks.


Rubyguides, thoughtbot and github issues and ReadMes I found solutions to most of my problems here.


The orange hell site and dev.to.


I use many sites but the one I use the most is MDN. Not sure what's going to happen to it now that Mozilla has fired the whole team :(


I love dev.to, frontendfocus and once a week the js weekly :)