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The 'one weird trick' of better coding - take breaks

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Better than stack overflow, better than mentorship, better than pairing, better than a four year comp sci degree and parents who coded on the Apollo missions: taking breaks is the secret to writing better code.

Above all, stepping away from your desk when you are stuck gives your mind the chance to work over the other aspects of a problem. Ask for help! Study! Do the other things that help you, but never ever forget to take breaks!

How do you get through roadblocks? Let me know in the comments!

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casiimir profile image

I take three, maybe four breaks to figure out how to resolve it... and nothing to do.
Well, after a long walk around the city with a friend, I found the solution speaking about. Nice video, I loved it.
Keep it up! 🚀

nocnica profile image
Nočnica Mellifera

thank you! <3

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Michael Lang

Try this while coding: