Magento 2 Payment Restrictions

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Every business owner wants an effective and secure payment strategy. Due to its paramount importance, every step is taken to make sure products are shipped to the right customers and payments are collected from them. There are situations where merchants want to restrict payment methods for legal or security purposes. Other times, they want to apply restrictions due to their business model & preferences. Payment restrictions avoid risks, decrease costs, and improve productivity.

Imagine a merchant who does not allow ‘Cash on Delivery’ option for high-priced products. Another merchant may want to hide the ‘PayPal’ option for some countries and enable it for the more trusted countries.

All these situations can be taken care of using the FMEextensions module for payment restrictions for Magento 2. It lets the store admins make multiple parameters the base for payment restrictions. They can restrict payment or payment methods based on specific products, product categories, cart total, product attributes, location, day/time, etc. This helps them optimize their payment strategy and make it more secure. The extension allows you to get full control over your store's payment methods. Let's take a look at some of the features of the extension.

Key Features of Magento 2 Payment Restrictions Extension

  • Hide/block payment methods
  • Apply product based payment restrictions
  • Restrict payment by customer groups or specific customers
  • Apply restrictions based on product attributes or the cart total
  • Restrict payment by location or time/day
  • Use shipping info as the base for the payment restrictions

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