Magento 2 Flash Sales Extension with Countdown Timer

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Magento 2 Flash sales extension with countdown timer allows merchants to run a limited time sales campaign on their Magento 2 stores. They can create a dedicated page for all the upcoming and ongoing flash sales campaigns with customizable banners and countdown timers. With the display of Magento 2 countdown timer on products & sales listing page, customers feel a sense of urgency and make purchase decisions within that time. The extension is ideal for events such as Black Friday, Christmas etc.to put attractive discount offers on products.

Magento 2 flash sales extension allows you to attach specific products or categories to put on sale. You can set a fixed or percentage discount type. Just enter the fixed or percentage amount and it will be applied to all the products you have put on sale. The extension also lets you display customizable labels for upcoming sales. You can also display daily deals on the flash sales page.

Following are the main features of Magento 2 flash sales with countdown timer extension:

  • Create multiple flash sales campaigns
  • Restrict flash sales by customer groups & store views
  • Creates a dedicated flash sales listing page
  • Set fixed or percentage discounts to flash sales
  • Set different discount for each product in flash sale
  • Display countdown time on product & sales listing page
  • Show product sales label on listing page
  • Display customizable label on product images
  • Add flash sales widget to any page

For demos, visit https://www.fmeextensions.com/flash-sales-extension-countdown-timer-magento-2.html

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