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Valid Numeric Anagram

Given 2 postive integers, write a function to determine if they have the same number of repeated / non-repeated elements.


  • Since this question uses numbers instead of string it is possible to employ some JS tricks to get the individual digits
    • we could stringify first and get the character in each position
    • OR we could use mathematical formula to get the same result
  • The mathematical method employs the same trick as in Radix Sort
  • Employ the same mathematical tactic to practice since it is the more difficult solution
  • Stringify method is simpler but is hard to translate over to other languages as a solution
function getNumOfDigits(num) {
    if (num === 0) return 1;
    return Math.floor(Math.log10(num)) + 1;
function getDigitByPos(num, pos) {
    if (num === 0) return 0;
    return Math.floor(num / Math.pow(10, pos)) % 10;

function ValidNumericAnagram(numX, numY) {
    if (getNumOfDigits(numX) !== getNumOfDigits(numY)) return false;

    let digitCounter = {};
    let limit = getNumOfDigits(numX);
    for (let i=0; i<limit; i++) {
        const digit = getDigitByPos(numX, i);
        if (digitCounter[digit] === undefined) {
            digitCounter[digit] = 0

    for (let i=0; i<limit; i++) {
        const digit = getDigitByPos(numY, i);
        if (digitCounter[digit] === undefined) {
            return false;

    return true;
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