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Empowering Language Learning with NestJS, NextJS, Vercel, and A Tech-Infused Journey

Empowering Language Learning with NestJS, NextJS, Vercel, and A Tech-Infused Journey

Hi everybody, how’s it going?

Today’s post is going to be a bit different. I want to share the journey that I have been taking related to the process of learning a new language and how technology can be connected to it. I know that everyone here likes technology, and for that reason, I am going to talk about two projects that I have done that are open-source and come to give the word something back in terms of education. I don’t want to give any spoilers already, but that’s going to be the main point! Grab a coffee or a lovely cup of tea and enjoy the text!

As someone who isn’t a native English speaker and comes from Brazil, I’ve been on a journey to learn English for some time now. I’ve tried various things like apps, books, classes, podcasts, videos, and movies. Each of these resources has been helpful in its own way, and there are a few that I stick to every day. Learning a language isn’t easy, but one thing I’ve learned is the importance of sticking to what works for you and giving it time because learning is a process, right?

As I explored different ways to learn languages, I felt something inside me growing. It took me a while to understand, but eventually, I realized what it was. Being a developer, I saw how these tools helped me reach an important goal. That’s when I decided to give back to the world. So, I started creating open-source projects that mix technology and education. One of them is a flashcard app for learning languages with OpenAI.
Flash-cards app with OpenAI

Another was a question generator, also using OpenAI.
Creating Smart Questions with NestJS and OpenAI

And there’s one more that I haven’t written about yet, but it is online as a platform and also available to contribute or download for free. The website is
Quiz-English: Learn English by doing quizzes

This one is a platform where there are many different quizzes about many different subjects, but the main point here is, as I am a heavy user of podcasts, every podcast that I listen to that is a public transcription, I can convert to a quiz using OpenAI, it helps me to exercise the retention of the information from the podcast.

If you’re on a similar journey to learn a new language or just passionate about education and technology, I encourage you to check out these projects. They might be the resources you’ve been looking for!

Projects and technologies

In my projects, I’ve employed a variety of technologies such as NestJS, NextJS, React-Native, Postgres, Mongo, and more. Each technology has its pros and cons, but in my experience, I’ve found that if you’re looking to quickly bring your idea to life, Vercel and NextJS are excellent choices. With Vercel, you can host both the backend and frontend closer together, and easily integrate with services like Postgres or Mongo — all without any cost! is a prime example of this approach. Here’s a rundown of the technologies powering the project:


In the future, I aim to continue sharing my insights and experiences through technical blog posts on platforms like Medium and My goal is to provide more real-world examples, use cases, and interesting topics that can benefit others in the tech community. Additionally, I’ve initiated a community centered around NestJS called NestJS Ninja, which you can find on Medium. Through this community, I hope to foster the growth of the JavaScript ecosystem and promote NestJS as a versatile framework.
NestJS Ninja


In conclusion, my journey in exploring language learning through technology has led me to develop projects like and embrace a variety of technologies like NextJS and Vercel. As I continue to share my experiences and insights through platforms like Medium and, I’m excited to contribute to the tech community and promote the growth of frameworks like NestJS through initiatives such as NestJS Ninja. I invite you to join me on this journey of learning, collaboration, and innovation. Together, let’s explore the endless possibilities that technology offers for education and beyond.

🔭 If you have any posts to contribute to the community, please let me know!

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