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Reviews on Dev Tools that I used to build a niche SaaS Site

To fellow startup builders, here is a list of dev tools that I used to build my site with comments below in hope that you could save a bit time.

  • MakerKit
    • Paid, but well worth the money. Saved about 2 to 3 weeks of dev time.
  • Vercel
    • Paid. Well integrated with MakerKit.
  • Github Codespace
    • Free. So each one of us has about 80 hours of two core cpu usage time free of charge.
    • I would recommend this to anyone who is on the move a lot.
  • Replicate
    • Usage based. Their API is solid and consistent. Sometimes you will have to wait a bit if you are requesting a cold model.
  • Vast
    • Usage based. Comparing to RunPod (community) and Salad, their GPU box was more robust and cost-effective.

I will update this list if I found anything else worth mentioning, and also please do visit the site I build with those tools RunComfy. It provides cloud service with the AI Art generation tool of ComfyUI.


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Henry Lee

Let me know what you think here, any other tools you found useful in building your product and website.