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re: That's really helpful! I really appreciate your advice. Could I ask one more question? When you were applying for a data analyst job, did you go...

No worries :)

I went through the standard process for a DA role here in NZ. This usually consists of a screening interview over the phone from HR/recruiter, then a technical interview/take-home test, then an interview for cultural fit.

Technical interviews

These are more about talking through how and why you would do something or which approach you would take, rather than the 'whiteboard' interview that the Devs here talk about.

The generally cover:

  • SQL Skills
  • Requirements gathering
  • Visualisations

To prepare I would recommend knowing the projects you have worked on really well:

  • what went right,
  • what went wrong,
  • how you would improve,
  • the SQL skills you used in your code,
  • the way you visualised the results set at the end,
  • how you would communicate to the final stakeholder

SQL Skills

  • The testing site we use at my workplace is Hackerrank, I'd recommend giving it a go to test your skills - hackerrank.com/domains/sql

  • I'd also recommend downloading the free version of SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) if you have only used a browser based tutorial so far.

Download SQL Server - this is the query engine
Download SSMS - this is the UI you interact with
Download and restore the backup of the AdventureWorks DB
Work through some of the examples

Good luck in your preparation

Your recommendations are extremely valuable! Thank you so muchhh!

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