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Resources for beginner data analysts

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This guide is for beginner data analysts taking their first step into a SQL course. If you are looking for a list of videos, cheat sheets, and resources to refer back to, these links cover everything you need to get started.

SQL - First steps

Beginner-friendly resources on how to use relational databases, SQL basics, and tips on performing ad hoc analysis and reporting.

Requirements Gathering

Being a great data analyst is more than just churning out SQL and knowing your way around the database. It's important to learn how to listen to stakeholders and determine what it is they need from a report or dashboard ... not what they think they need. You don't need to be a BA or Project Manager, but having the skills to gather requirements is beneficial.


Just pulling a data set out of the database isn't the end of the job. Interpreting the story behind the numbers and bringing it to life is just as important.

Advanced Excel

Just because you are moving into the world of SQL and queries doesn't mean you won't need to update your Excel toolkit. It's used across organisations big and small and will most likely be your visualisation tool if your workplace doesn't have a speciality tool.

Check out Joel's video for a refresher on the basics and best practices, it's one of my favourites.

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Thanks, great work too!


A good resource to learn SQL with exercises (The best way to learn in my opinion): sqlbolt.com/