What tools and flows do you use to organize your life

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What flow do you use to organize your life? For me, I use a combo of tools Todoist + Notion.

At Notion I use the following flow:

Alt Text

At Todoist I use the following flow:

Alt Text

Let's share our experiences with organizing life tools and how they work for us.


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I have been using Todoist and the browser extension is quite useful. I have Notion but never used it actually. I meant to check it out. What do you actually use it for ? As the one place to keep all your notes ?


That's nice! Thanks for share about Todoist extension I really don't know I'll give a try.
About Notion, basically I'm using to everything involves notes and when I need to share some content like the Frontend Architecture it's very easy to share content using it.


Oh nice I'll find it a try since my Google keeps is quite messy at the moment!


After experimenting with a ton of apps over the last five+ years, I've settled on Orgzly (android). It's built on org-mode, keeps my data on-device, is open-source, and generally just beats the pants off every other fancy proprietary solution I've found. SyncThing synchronizes it with my computer, though I could use Dropbox if I wanted.

Some of the things I use it for:

  • Todo lists
  • Repeating reminders
  • Idea capture
  • Project ideation (unlimited nesting of notes FTW)
  • Note-taking for things I read
  • Journalling
  • An all-purpose wiki

My next mid-term goal is to gain a decent proficiency with emacs and org-mode on my computer, but even if I wasn't willing to put in the time for that, I'd still use Orgzly.

My flows pretty much all revolve around Orgzly.

For idea capture, I have a shortcut that lets me insert a new note into the appropriate notebook. Every week, I organize the new ideas, then go through and tag any that I want to work on this week. They'll show up on my home screen.

For little tasks I want to get done, same deal. If I want to make sure I do them on a specific date, I just add the scheduled field. On that day (or after), they'll show up on my home screen.

For project ideation, I create a new note in my Projects notebook, and use nesting to define successively more and more granular levels of detail. Sometimes I'll create top-level notes that describe meta, features, links, etc. At any point I can turn any item into a Todo, and it'll show up on my home screen.

I dunno. It's nice and simple, and doesn't need to make HTTP requests every time I load a note or jot down a journal entry. I suppose I might need something more complex if I collaborated more, but since most of my projects are personal, I don't really bother. For the odd collaborative thing I do, I usually just use Google docs, or whatever we decide on as a team.


Bear notes keeps pretty much everything I need for life and work. I tried Todoist for a while, I really dig the app and Doist as a whole but I just got out of the habit after a while.

Lately, I've been using Hey for email which has really simplified my email flow.


I've using Bear for a long time and I really enjoy the clean layout, but the unique motive makes me move to Notion it is cross-platform.


I use OneNote for all my notes and project ideas, A BuJo for my day-to-day and weekly tasks, and Trello for my project tasks.

I usually migrate my Trello tasks to my weekly tasks so I can keep my projects moving forward.


It's mainly Google Keep and a part of my brain which is mostly full of garbage.


I just started using Habitica to track habits, todos, and daily recurring tasks and I'm liking it a lot!


It seems nice, apparently involves a "gamified" way to track the productivity, thanks for your comment!


Google keep for random groceries. Trello for big timelines. Lots of little lists on paper like "what's the three most important things that can get done today."


Used OneNote and Evernote, today only Notion since the new free Plan. Kanban, Tables, To-Do.. Love it


I used to do the Fancy-Way (Apps), but I guess I never got used to it. For me its Trello boards, and mail tickets turned into plain files and I rm them when I'm done.