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Text Adventures made easier, with Quest 6

A Computer Science student from the UK. I like writing programs occasionally, and over the past year I've been getting into Unix.
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Recently, I've been wanting to work on a text adventure, partly due to my fondness of MOOs, and slight disappointment of some of their lacking features. If you're like me, and love making fun little games like this without having to spend too long getting the skeleton of everything set up, I'd highly recommend checking out Quest 6.

Quest 6, unlike its predecessors, allows you to upload your creation anywhere, as a HTML5 game, rather than being restricted solely to the developer's site, like in previous versions. It remains very much the same as its predecessors, however, when it comes to its development tools. When you download the initial zip file, you're given the very basics of your game right out of the box - Functions for creating rooms, objects, characters, and even a default starting room to help you figure things out. Within minutes, you're already able to create an entire game (albeit a basic one, if it's your first time) and upload it to a site of your choice. There's even a wiki to help you figure things out.

I never was that great at writing posts like this, and I'm not too sure what else to talk about, so I guess all I can say is go check it out!

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Gil Fewster

This looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.