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Weekly Update #1 - 10th Jan 2021

Hello! This is my first weekly update of 2021! Around a week ago, I posted an article specifying my goals for 2021:

As promised, I will be giving weekly updates on my progress and how you can learn these stuff too. Let's dive right into it!

Weekly Update

I started off 2021 very strong, knocking a couple of things off my list. Firstly, I played around with Node.js, Typescript, Svelte, authentication with Passport.js, and JWTs by creating a VSCode extension. Since all these things weren't that new to me, it wasn't that hard to create a project with these technologies. Next, I decided that I wanted to learn Rust. Why Rust you ask, well its memory safe and FAST (like close to C++ fast). Also, Rust is a low level, statically typed language which I thought would be a challenge to learn coming from a Python, Javascript background. I took this course on Udemy, learning the basics of Rust and creating my own HTTP server from scratch. After 2 days of following that course, I wanted to experiment with the language further. I created my own command-line calculator in Rust (GUI tutorial coming soon).

GitHub logo henryboisdequin / rust-calculator

Simple command-line calculator in Rust.

Simple command-line calculator in Rust.

To Run

  1. Clone this repository

  2. Make sure you have Rust and cargo installed

  3. Cd into the project directory and type cargo run

  4. To test: run cargo test

Overall, I think it was a successful week! Next, I will focus on getting a better grasp on the Rust syntax and start experimenting with it further. Thanks for reading!


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