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Samuel Hategekimana
Samuel Hategekimana

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My Third week in Taskforce 5.0 at Awesomity Lab and Code of Africa.

This is my third week in Taskforce 5.0, this week was super and cool. Although there were a lot of challenges, the week was interesting.

On soft skills, we begin with value, learning what it is and why it is so important. Next, we do an exercise in defining our values, which we compare to the core values of the Code of Africa. Finally, we see how value can play a significant role in the growth of people working together. This taught me the importance of being cautious when selecting people to work with. Knowing and understanding people's values will improve work habits.

Your core values are your deciding factors for success.”
Tobi Delly

We also learned about intercultural communication, which is the concept of knowing how to communicate with people from all over the world.
We discussed what team culture is and why having a shared culture as a team is important, as well as how to build a strong team culture.
We concluded the session with an interesting exercise in which we were asked to identify the team culture of CoA.
This taught me to stop making judgments on other people's behavior because different body language should have different meanings depending on the country's culture, and it also taught me to respect other people's cultures as well as our own.

intercultural communication

We also started technical skills, which were about component design and project file structure for mobile apps using react native, which was a challenge for me as a Flutter developer because it was my first time developing a mobile app for react native, but I am learning and hope to be familiar with it soon.

Learn to Code

Finally, I had an amazing presentation with my colleagues, where we were to put together a small presentation in groups and discuss intercultural communication.

In a conclusion, I can say that I have learned a lot this week, and I am very excited to see what the coming weeks will bring.

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