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Samuel Hategekimana
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My Second week in Taskforce 5.0 at Awesomity Lab and Code of Africa

Hello, everybody? I'm going to tell you about my second week in taskforce. This week was too long because we faced more challenges, but it ended with a smile on our faces because of the important lessons we learned.

Git workflowsWe learned the best practices for using Git. Before this lesson, I thought I knew it because I had used it for several days, but after digging deeper, I realized that my experience was only 40%.

We also learned how to collaborate on projects using devOps tools, where the developer team and the operations team working together to implement a faster and easier way to build, test, and deploy software.

We had a presentation on Friday afternoon where we were supposed to use less than 5 minutes; this seemed impossible because we were a team of three members and we had to cover the lessons we learned throughout the week; the condition was to make it easily understandable because some of our audience were unfamiliar with the topic, so as a team we shared the idea of how the presentation would be made then we came up with a solution, this taught me to use a short time but deliver results.

During my two weeks on taskforce, I discovered that meeting with people who have experience in your field not only teaches you a new thing, but also teaches you the best way to apply what you know.

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