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Nehal Hasnayeen
Nehal Hasnayeen

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What is your biggest frustration about how work is managed at your workplace?

What makes you shake your head on how your manager or team or company manage work/project at your workplace. What things or practices will you change if you get the chance.

What does your ideal workplace will look like?

Some of the things that bother me-

  • Lack of trust on employee
  • Not enough transparency on decisions or policies
  • Constant interruption. Always be present or response at real time, no opportunity for deep concentrated work.
  • Punishing everyone for one individual wrongdoing.
  • Unnecessary meetings

Please, share your experience and opinions on this matter.

Discussion (4)

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Diana Coman

That sounds like a rather terrible place to work at, sorry.

For my part, I actually find the management extremely helpful and doing precisely what they are meant to be doing - giving direction, making strategic decisions, being available, approachable and extremely capable, in short that's why I love working with them.

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Ross Henderson

I completely get it. I use the phrase "You're bringing me problems and not solutions, don't bother".

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Nehal Hasnayeen Author

This happens a lot. And many times its only one or two people and the rest just go with the flow instead of making their own judgement.