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How & why to create a roadmap? Is it waste of time?

How do you create a roadmap for the software you're building? What process you follow and what tools do you use? And what exactly do you include in a roadmap? What benefits a roadmap provides?

I want to create a roadmap for the app I'm building and I want to add the feature of creating a roadmap into the app, so I'm looking for suggestions on how do people solves this problem.

Btw if anyone interested what I'm building, it's yet another open sourced project management tool.

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Self hosted project management and collaboration tool powered by Laravel & VueJS

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Self hosted project management and collaboration tool inspired by basecamp.

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About Goodwork

Goodwork is a simple project management and collaboration tool for software teams. It is open source and MIT licensed. Goodwork is a self-hosted software (no dependency on anyone else and only you keep your data).

Goodwork brings you all the components required for your project to run smoothly in one place so that you have single source of truth. Instead of using a collection of tools or service which makes everything messy with important details being hard to find because stuff is scattered all over the place, Goodwork organizes everything in a central place where everyone in the company knows what to do, knows where things stand and where to find stuff without having to ask around.

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Peyton McGinnis

A roadmap provides a goal. Without something to work towards and specific milestones, you can easily lose track of your application's intention.

Start by writing down what you want the application to do by v1.0.0. Then prioritize by what features need to be implemented first.

A roadmap will help guide your overall design and programming of the project and help keep it coherent and consistent.

Regarding the actual implementation of a roadmap into an application, I would take a look at existing examples, for instance GitHub's roadmap feature.