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Hi everyone, I am Hash and only have ever been exposed to a few languages like C++ (which is how I got introduced to programming while doing a BTEC level 3 in IT, but couldn’t complete the whole course sadly, although I am a strong believer in self teaching and taking my time to learn) JavaScript, CSS, HTML and I’ve seen tutorials on .NET MVC, React, Angular.js, Node.js, Angular Core/2.0, Typescript,
C#, Ruby, Python, and more, all languages I’d love to learn and master to the point where I’m paid to do something that I know how to do well and have a passion to succeed in.
I’m currently going to be studying Computing and IT at Uni of Derby this September so I hope to build on my programming skills. In the meantime, however, I am looking forward to learning from everyone’s experience and benefiting from the evidently supportive community at!

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