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Discussion on: Is Programming Actually Hard?

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Haruan Justino

I would like to say that write code is not that hard, but maintain a code that is always evolving is.
The most complicated part is to avoid doing a mess that slows you, and fix the mess that you or someone else did at the same time that you add new features.

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Dani Amsalem Author

Thanks for sharing your perspective Haruan, and I respect it.

I personally enjoy digging into someone else's code, figuring out what they did and opportunities to refactor. I also enjoy doing that to my own code. It's often challenging to write new code, it's always challenging to refactor someone else's!

That said, I differentiate between "hard" and "challenging". I view challenging tasks as games that require lots of looking, testing, and persistence. I view hard tasks as troublesome which require lots of unpleasant effort.

The difference between those two views is sort of what I was trying to communicate in my article.