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How web developers can earn money by freelancing in India?

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First of all let me tell you about myself. My name is Harsh Vats and I am a self-taught front-end web developer from India. I am in my third year in IIT(ISM) Dhanbad while publishing this article. I am earning a good amount, ₹50,000-₹60,000 per month by doing part time freelancing.
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What are my skills??

I know html, css, javascript, python, react + redux, nodejs, express, nextjs, firebase, material-ui, bootstrap, git, etc.
To be honest the only things that i use for my freelancing most of the time is react + redux, firebase, material-ui and git.

Where Indian students are wasting their time??

You know what is the biggest scam in IT industry? I think it's internshala. There literally are jobs for ₹1,000 per month. Seriously??? But that's not it. The worst part is students are applying for these (even in IIT's). I was like any other student a year ago. But here i am telling you guys, if you are a student then don't waste your time applying for these creepy jobs. You are worth a lot more than this.

Where can you actually earn???

There are many options but i have not gone to any platform other than upwork. What you need is just make 1-2 good projects and make your profile good. You will be approved to work on upwork then. I search for reactjs jobs and easily get jobs $10 per hour. My profile got rejected on upwork 2 times and finally with some good projects it got accepted after 4 months. And i got my first project on my 3rd proposal which was $5 per hour. I would say don't loose hope, go make account on upwork and start your freelancing career today

Most important

Keep learning stuff and have patience. You don't need to be in CSE to learn computer science. I am pursuing mining engineering at IIT Dhanbad.

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Web developer from India who thinks he is funny. Proud IITian. And a lover of PWAs😍. Frontend Engineer @thedataworks


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Thanks chief for wonderful insight in this matter but there are lot of people who are working for very less amount and have made situation worse!
Lets hope students don't pay for internship and stuff.
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Glad you liked it and agree :)


Can you share your upwork and other freelancing profiles?


I have attached the image in the artcile Pratik. Please refresh to see the changes.


Hey harsh , thanks for image
Btw my origins are from dhanbad too..

Great! We can meet after the lockdown 😊


Hey harsh, do you mind sharing your upwork profile?...it will help me to get started with introduction...and stuff...


Bro what if I skip preparation for JEE for taking admission IIT in and instead of that I learn all the advance technology like Meran stack, Android, DS and algorithms and also Competitive programming. Is this design right because I have taken it. By skipping JEE I got 2 more years to Learn all this tech. What's what's your openion on my design.


Brother i might not be at this level if i haven't met my CSE seniors in the college. Although i am in mining, they taught me many things and i learnt a lot from them. I would say if there is some chance of cracking JEE Advanced, you should definitely go ahead to IIT's. The enviornment is very good. You will learn a lot, not only software but hardware technology also. Also don't think you can earn overnight. It took me three years to come at the earning stage so for now if you are preparing for JEE, just keep reading tech articles but your primary focus should be on your preparation.
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And article was amazing 👌👌


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That was an amazing article, Harsh.


Glad you liked it Abhishek :)