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8 Fun APIs For Your Next Project [ PART-II ]


Hello Developers👋
I'm back with another article and also by the way this is the second article in this " APIs" Series so don't forget to check out the first one as well.In this article I'm about to present to you 8 Fun APIs. Without any further ado let's begin with it :)

1)Fun Translations

Translate English into languages such as Minion, Yoda and many more!

Image description

2)Poke API

Are you a fan of Pokemon? Well then this API would help you to get info on your favorite pokemons.

Image description


Get access to data of 1000s of Marvel comics'.

Image description


Are you bored? No need to be. Just send an API call and it would give you a random task to do :D

Image description


Just make an API call with a name as parameter and it would guess your age, just for fun.
Use this link with your name to get the response

6)Geeky Jokes

This API lets you fetch a random geeky/programming jokes.

7)YouTube API

This API allows you to do various things with YT videos such as embed them and get their details etc.

site image


This is yet another extremely helpful API which you can use to embed your blogs in your website/portfolio and even publish articles.

Image description


So I've presented you a list with 8 Fun APIs that you may use in your next Project. If you found this article helpful, you can react to it and also follow me so that you get notified when I publish my next article.
Thank you(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

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khokon profile image
Khokon M.

The bored api seems really interesting

shankhadeep998 profile image
Shankhadeep Bhowmick

Thanks mate. I really appreciate your hardwork. Keep publishing. These are really helpful🔥

harshsinha17 profile image
Harsh Sinha Author

Glad you found it useful, I haven't published any blog for quite much of a time but I'm now looking forward to writing more of these, thanks for the support :)

shankhadeep998 profile image
Shankhadeep Bhowmick