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Journey to the real world by cloning backend server(part 1)

In this long series we will explore amazing library and framework by implementing backend server.

Tools we will use

  1. Nodejs

Nodejs is a javascript runtime which allow javascript to run outside the browser. Nodejs was developed by Ryan Dahl which utilize google v8 javascript engine.
You can learn more about nodejs here

  1. Graphql

Graphql is a query language for API which provide full power to frontend developer to query data according to requirement without too much hassle.
Graphql is alternative to REST in REST we create a bunch of endpoints using different http verbs like GET , POST , PUT , DELETE etc.. but in graphql we have one and only one endpoint which will always make a POST request no matter what your intension about getting data or updating data.e
Graphql was developed and open source by facebook you can learn more about graphql here

  1. Apollo Server

Apollo server is a graphql implementation for production use and can be used easily with any graphql client like relay , urql , apollo client etc..
You can explore much about apollo server here

  1. Express

Express is a most popular , unopinionated nodejs based web framework. We will use express as middleware to handle file server. You can explore about express js here.

  1. Prisma 2

Prisma is a Next-Gen javascript and typescript ORM . It generate types for your model and provide highlight during development to work faster.
You can explore prisma 2 here

For the sake of simplicity we will use javascript to develop complete backend.

From next series we will install dependencies required to setup our project

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