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Open sourcing my automated job board (ReactJs + Django)

harsh_vardhhan profile image Harsh Vardhan Updated on ・1 min read

Recently I had been building a job board using ReactJs and Django. I aimed to keep it as a closed source project. But then I thought there is too much for me to share about in this project. Thus I decided to open-source this project.

So what's automated about this project? Well, I aim to automate numerous aspects of this project.

Scrapes jobs from other sites

It scrapes jobs from StackOverflow for now. I aim to add more data sources in the future. The web scraper runs in the background celery worker.

Dynamically creates job filter tags

The job board creates filter tags in parallel as it fetches jobs. Thus allowing to filter job as per the technology.

Future Roadmap

  • Integrate Stripe payment for posting sponsored jobs
  • Let candidates post their CV (without revealing contact information to all)



Read a follow up blog on the job board here

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