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Harish Kotra (he/him)
Harish Kotra (he/him)

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Jina X Hackathon | Sep. 18 - 20, 2020

This three day virtual hackathon aims to bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs to solve challenges using Jina, an easier way to do neural search in the cloud.

Join us to test your creativity, network with like minds, and collaborate on real-world solutions incorporating state-of-the-art AI and deep learning technology from Jina.

Sign up and compete to win $11,500 in prizes.

Unleash your curiosity and happy searching!


Build creative neural search solutions and apps that could solve real world problems or create better user experiences.

To help you with the hackathon, here are some topics that are possible with Jina. Take inspiration and build your own AI solutions using our platform.


  • Use Jina to find memes or gifs by typing in description (image search with text)
  • Find a music clip by recording your own voice and searching yourself singing (audio search with audio)
  • Find similar paintings (snap a selfie posed as an artwork and see if you match!)
  • Product recommendation engine

Hackathon Website:

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