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Crafting Code and BBQ Smoke

Hello community!

I'm an avid pitmaster, DIY enthusiast, and coder.

My journey in the worlds of barbecue and tech might seem miles apart, but I love bridging them with creative projects.

I've had my hands on everything from a classic Weber kettle to a DIY ugly drum smoker. Recently, I've even tried resurrecting a couple of broken pellet grills!

My latest challenge? Automating my ugly drum smoker with a Raspberry Pi.

The goal is to perfect slow cooked brisket while tracking and automating the fire management. And I’m here to share every step, success, and setback along the way.

I also want to make some calculators and tools over on my website HandmadeBBQ.

I’m in the process of developing a calculator tool that will help users determine the perfect amount of charcoal briquettes needed for different types of cooks.

I put quite a bit of research into dialing in the right amounts of charcoal for various temperature targets on the Weber Kettle Grill. You can check out the Keys To Controlling the Weber Kettle's Temperature over on my site.

The charts and tables in that post are what I plan to turn into a calculator.

I joined this site to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts who share a passion for hardware projects and might just want to learn a bit about BBQ.

Whether it’s coding tips or grilling tricks, I’m excited to exchange knowledge and ideas with this vibrant community.

Stay tuned for updates, tutorials, and maybe a recipe or two.

Let’s code, cook, and create together!

Find me around the web here.

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Dude that is super awesome that you love the fine art of smoking ! I got a smoker last year and it’s challenging but I love it when ribs, briskets, or a tri tip comes out perfect. There is a science that coding can help with smoking. So keep up the great work , and for inspiring me to connect coding with real life passions ! I think that’s the best way to learn and stay involved!