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Frontend Architecture: The Architecture - Summary

What is Frontend Architecture after all this?

Frontend architecture refers to the structure and organization of the client-side part of a web application and converting the architectural drivers into a technical solution, technical roadmap, communicating the vision to a number of stakeholders both inside and outside the software development team, and introducing the technical leadership.

What is the difference between Architecture and design?

"Architecture" typically refers to the high-level structural decisions that have a significant impact on the system and are difficult to change once made. On the other hand, "design" encompasses the detailed decisions and implementations that are more flexible and can be adjusted without major consequences.

What are the Architectural Drivers?

  • Functional Requirements: The technical functions that represent the main product features. These functions describe how the system behaves and what it should do.
  • Quality Attributes: Quality Attributes are a set of criteria that describe how a software system should behave and perform rather than specifying specific functionalities or features.
  • Constraints: Constraints can encompass various factors, such as technical limitations, resource constraints, or environmental considerations.
  • Principles: The Standards or the Guidelines that should be applied while implementing and creating the Frontend solution.


  1. Book: Software Architecture for Developers by @simonbrown
  2. Book: Frontend Architecture for Design System by Micah Godbolt
  3. Youtube: GOTO Conferences

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