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The BEST way to take and backup YOUR screenshots ✨

Developers take a lot of screenshots, or at least I do but when you need to refer back to them it can be a challenge.

I'm going to share how I can have crazy amounts of images with easy access to find which app/website they were taken in.

Tools I use


This program is really good for taking, editing, and finding old screenshots. I've been using it since 2022 and in 2023 alone I took almost 5k images/videos 🤯.

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Some of the other crazy features are the metadata! You can look up images in a variety of unique ways.

By Application
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By Website
Ever wanted to find that screenshot of the bug or feature you had?

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Captures then go to my Google Drive folder so they are backed up.
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Google Drive

I have enabled "Stream files" so all the files are streamed on demand. That way I don't have to take up all my storage on my system.

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Let me know what you think about this setup. Also, feel free to share your setup too!

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