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Best macOS apps for boosted productivity

Here are some of my top recommended apps for developers to install to enhance their productivity.

Feel free to comment your favorites below as well if they were not already listed 😬.

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GALLO Chingon • Edited

My Preferences for Mac productivity

  • instead of iTerm2 I prefer alacritty
  • for a text editor I like neovim and Doom Emacs over VSCode
  • Amethyst > Rectangle (Though Raycast also has windows managment capabilities)
  • KeePass is open source and you keep your access instead of "the cloud"
  • I love Discord, as much as I'd like to go back to IRC and stay in the terminal, being able to go back to the START of all messages on server without having to be a member on day one is awesome.
  • Again Doom Emacs (or any Emacs flavor) can do amazing things with orgmode and org-roam package
  • I agree on Raycast
  • I've been using Vanilla but I can get behind HiddenBar
  • Karabiner has been a godsend!
  • Don't have a need for a replacement menubar clock but I like what I've read about dato
  • System Color Picker has more features, but I generally only need a hexcode and so I use/like Pixel Picker

overall a good list for those that aren't comfortable in a terminal. (It's taken me nearly 20 years to get here)

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Michael Clark

Thanks for these, learned about a couple new things I'd like to try.

I'd offer magnet as an alternative to rectangle. It's cheaper compared to pro as long as what you really want is a snappy window placement with intuitive keyboard commands.

I prefer Bitwarden to 1Password. It's free and open source and has pretty much all the same features including use on mobile devices.

For most text files checkout atom. Lot's of extensions/plugins like sublime and far better than the native text editor.

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Sean Boult

Good alternative options for the first two but as for the last I'd mention this 😅.