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Mayank Rajput (HackElite)
Mayank Rajput (HackElite)

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My First Blog

I am so exited as I am writing my first blog post. I am Mayank Rajput from Mahesana, Gujarat, India.

I like to share and express my thoughts and ideas about the most interesting and fascinating competency in programming. I am Full stack developer with somewhat hacking knowledge.

Though I have heard about new innovations and technologies which were introduced to the world through news and social media, my curiosity was built day by day uncommonly after referring into this section. I can remember that our teacher was really excelled in teaching us more friendly and attractively by providing related videos and reading materials in order to enhance our knowledge in new trends in Programming & AI.

I completed my various courses of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Go, TypeScript etc. in my high school timeline. You can also visit my website. My github profile is hackelite01 as my username.

Alright, we all know that AI is a hotly debated topic all over the world with the technological advancement globally. According to John McCarthy(The father of Artificial Intelligence) he mentioned that “Artificial Intelligence” can be define as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. Nowadays AI is everywhere and in many fields at the moment such as Healthcare, Education, Criminal and justice, Astronomy , Business and economics, Transportation, Cultivation etc. Moreover, Artificial intelligence are used to carry out risky jobs that are too dangerous for humans to undertake, to accomplish the tasks more faster and with minimal errors, also for the development with new innovations and creations .

Artificial intelligence (AI) is arguably the most exciting field in robotics. Can you ever think that a machine or a non living being can get a citizenship in a country!!! Saudi Arabia has gifted the citizenship for the first ever humanoid robot called “Sophia” which is based on AI technology. Isn’t that fascinating?

I wonder that if I can have a robot to wake me up saying “Time to wake up, buddy!!” and helps to make my activities more easier, and to live in a smart city, to work within a smart office too . The latest AI offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage within some of these tasks. So In the future we may live in our dream worlds with advanced technology. Hope you all had a great time while reading this blog.

Thank you.

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