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How to be a successful software engineer? [TaskForce V4.0 BootCamp Week Two]

Many people ask themselves that becoming a world classic software engineer is about knowing how to code only! In reality, becoming a competent software engineer requires much knowledge. Before that, I am thankful that #Awesomity Lab and #Code of Africa make me experience the necessary skills to become a competitive software engineer. Some of these skills are development operations (DevOps), Git workflow, software documentation, problem-solving, and software containerization; the required skills are so many, but these shown above are helpful in software development.

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Everyone can wonder what DevOps is! DevOps is a group of practices, tools, and cultures that automate and integrate the processes between development and operation teams to deliver products on time and efficiently. In DevOps, we structure a project by planning what we will do, how, and what we will test to ensure we are providing a working and productive product. After that operation team communicate with the development team to work together, where and how we will deploy a product so that everyone can access it appropriately; then after a product must be monitored by the operation team.

As a classic world software developer, you will need to share your source code and review other source code among your teammates; in that case, git will help you do so. You will follow the best practice by branch naming, conventional message committing, formulated pull request describing what the PR does, testing it manually, and merge restrictions.

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We also need to document software in other to help someone will use it. Software documentation is categorized into Development documentation, end-user understanding the product, and assisting customer and support how to use the product.

Software containerization is a process of packaging all codes and dependencies together to make software libraries and dependencies required to run executable codes by increasing software product's security, portable, and re-versioning our software.

To make all these steps successful, it is all about critical thinking and problem solving, understanding a question and thinking about what to do and so that no longer facing that again! I recommend you to use these steps in other be a successful world-class software engineer.

I hope you enjoyed the blog! let see what the next weeks will bring :)
Thank you for reading !!

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