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Week 4 booming knowledge

Hello, my good people! after all five days, I am back with a new experience. This fourth-week code of Africa pertaining to Awesomity Lab helped me a lot to boom my knowledge in designing API in a new technology called Nestjs with is really fantastic all teams were waiting this period concentrating in coding.

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Our engineer mentor Regis told us we should have a working APIs of a project in one week, honestly, we laughed at him because we didn’t understand how it can be possible to learn new technology and implement it in a real project, but that is what it’s mean to be a good software developer. But it comes to be enjoyable for everyone because learning by doing is aggressive in software development I remember we all start diving into coding on the third day in a week and we all came up with working endpoints.

We also had soft skills called stress management and resilience maybe it was coincidentally with this intensive learning by doing, but it’s ok because it helped us shapen our brain. We have seen many ways you can manage stress in our daily life. Thank you again Code of Africa, Awessomity Lab, and taskforce for your energy and consideration.

Thank you for leading, cheers

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