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[ Theme ] How to customise Termux terminal

What is Termux ?

Termux is an Android terminal emulator which is based on linux environment.
You can perform many attacks ( ex - openport attack , ddos , mitmf , sql injection , etc )

Termux support both rooted and unrooted devices
You can termux as a root to perform extra attacks which requires root access .

Usage :

Open the app , you will see graphical interface
Click on install packages , it will download some basic packages ( make sure you are connected with internet )
Now you can use termux
Before using it ( make sure you are connected with internet )

what can you do with termux ?

  1. we can perform different attacks
  2. Pentesting
  3. Vulnerability Scanning
  4. Ethical Hacking

We can do most of things using termux

How to install Termux
we can normally install termux using F-Droid

After installing we have to run some command

apt update && apt upgrade -y


[+] Based on Zsh Shell !

[+] Pure Termux Look !


  • Added Termux Extra Keys
  • Added Banner
  • Added Own made Advance zsh theme
  • Added Highlight / Autosuggestion

Installation :

git clone

cd Termux-os



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