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Sniffnet: monitor your network traffic with ease - New Release v1.1.0

Sniffnet is a simple yet insightful application to let you have a glance into your network traffic in a straightforward and appealing way.


Today it has been updated to version 1.1.0, which introduces several new functionalities:

  • 🌍 Added Geolocation of the remote IP addresses
  • ⭐ Implemented the possibility of marking a group of connections as favorites and added favorites view to the report
  • 🔉 Added Custom Notifications to inform the user when defined network events occur:
    • data intensity exceeded a defined packets per second rate
    • data intensity exceeded a defined bytes per second rate
    • new data are exchanged from one of the favorite connections

  • ⚙️ Added Settings pages to configure the state of the application (persistently stored in a configuration file):
    • customise notifications
    • choose between 4 different application styles
    • set the application language (this release introduces the Italian language 🇮🇹, and more languages will be supported soon)

Feedbacks and comments are warmly welcomed! Have a good day!

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