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The DevOps Basics πŸš€

Background ❔

Are you new to DevOps or looking to learn some DevOps tools? Or maybe you're already a DevOps Engineer searching for documents and a space to practice your skills?

I've created the devops-basics repository on GitHub to help you with all of this! πŸ₯³

Introduction πŸ‘‹

The devops-basics repository will assist you in enhancing your DevOps skills and serve as a bookmark for documents related to DevOps. Key features include:

  • Wide range of topics: Explore 20+ important DevOps subjects like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, ELK, Cloud services, System Architecture, Monitoring, and more.
  • Useful resources: Each topic comes with an overview, official documentation links, cheatsheets, and extra resources to help you learn more.
  • Hands-On practice: Get basic examples for each topic so you can try out what you learn.
  • Advanced examples: Once you've grasped the basic concepts, exploring advanced examples will further elevate your skills.

In the following sections, I'll walk you through key content within the devops-basics repository.

Getting started πŸš€

What is DevOps?

DevOps combines development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to increase the efficiency, speed, and security of software development and delivery compared to traditional processes. A more nimble software development lifecycle results in a competitive advantage for businesses and their customers (source: GitLab)

Getting started

DevOps Diagram

DevOps toolchain

DevOps Roadmap

DevOps topics πŸ”₯

We cover a wide range of DevOps topics in our content library, explore them under topics. You can also refer to to see where each topic fits in the toolchain

Item Content Official Docs Hands-on
Ansible ansible πŸ“– βœ”οΈ
Docker docker πŸ“– βœ”οΈ
Kubernetes (k8s) k8s πŸ“– βœ”οΈ
Istio istio πŸ“– βœ”οΈ getting-started
Aws aws πŸ“– βœ”οΈ EC2_GetStarted
Helm helm πŸ“– βœ”οΈ
Jenkins jenkins πŸ“– βœ”οΈ
Terraform terraform πŸ“– terraform/docs βœ”οΈ
Shell shell πŸ“– βœ”οΈ
Git git πŸ“– βœ”οΈ
Elk elk πŸ“– βœ”οΈ elk/basic/helloworld
ArgoCD argocd πŸ“– βœ”οΈ argocd/basic
Github-Action github-action πŸ“– βœ”οΈ Create First Workflow
Gitlab CI gitlab-ci πŸ“– βœ”οΈ Create First Pipeline
Groovy groovy πŸ“– βœ”οΈ groovy/basic
Prometheus prometheus πŸ“– βœ”οΈ
Python python πŸ“– βœ”οΈ python/basic
Openstack openstack πŸ“– βœ”οΈ openstack/helloworld
Azure-DevOps azuredevops πŸ“– βœ”οΈ azuredevops/basic
Coding coding πŸ“– coding πŸƒ in-progress
Architecture architecture πŸ“– architecture/ ⏩coming-soon
Packer coming-soon πŸ“– ⏩coming-soon
Microservices microservices πŸ“– aws/microservices ⏩ coming-soon
HashiCorp Vault coming-soon πŸ“– hashicorp/vault ⏩ coming-soon
  • And more upcoming topics...⏩ you can follow this repository to get more up-to-dated content
  • For additional resources to practice these tools, visit: devops-project


The devops-basics repository is your go-to resource for DevOps learning and practice. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced engineer, this repository has what you need to enhance your skills and succeed in DevOps. Explore it now and level up your DevOps journey!

If you find this repository helpful, kindly consider showing your appreciation by giving it a star ⭐️. Any star you can give me will help me grow it even more ❀️

Thank you and happy coding! πŸ”₯

Top comments (18)

gseriche profile image
Gonzalo Seriche Vega

Well, as you said, that is a basic list... and it is a bunch of stuff we have to know at least about 30% to understand how we manage a devops role on a day-to-day basis.
I gave you a star for your repo because it is essential and it is easy to understand; I'm sharing your repo with my students :)

Cheers buddy.

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo • Edited

Hi @gseriche,
Thank you for the positive feedback and for sharing the repository with your students❀️! I'm happy to hear that you found the list helpful and easy to understand. Hope it continues to be useful for you and your students!

msc2020 profile image

Good organization! Thanks!

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo

Thanks @msc2020 for your kind words! πŸ’–

fullstackkeeta profile image
Mussawir Imam

Wow thanks

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo

Glad to help πŸ’–

cheikhnouha profile image

so so siked

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo

Thank you @cheikhnouha

leojrbk profile image
Robert Dunk

Awesome work! Thanks for sharing this @tungbq

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo • Edited

Thanks @leojrbk, happy to help πŸ’–

yowise profile image

That's a whole great source of resources! 🀩

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo • Edited

Thank you @yowise for your kind feedback! I’m happy to help everyone in DevOps area 😍

testybryan profile image
Testy Bryan

Wow, really appreciate this info

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo

Thank you 😊 it’s my pleasure

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo • Edited

Let me know if you'd like separate content tailored to specific topics from this list, such as "Docker" or "Kubernetes." etc. πŸ’–

zdeneksvarc profile image

Note also the promising open source backends for OpenTelemetry such as OpenObserve and SigNoz.

tungbq profile image
Tung Leo

Noted, thanks for your recommendation πŸ’–

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