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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Gustavo Gómez

My win of the week was to recovering from a burnout, I realized my personal project was not as good as I thought, also I discovered some local projects in production better than the mine, I got demotivated, the passion about it slow down, but after taking couple days resting and speaking with other devs, I am on the road again and working in the project.
My grain of sand:

1) Do not compare your project with others if you are not sure that is for making your own better.

2) If you are in a burnout moment, rest, rest, rest, let your mind to take a break.

3) Speak with colleagues, they could have the answers you are looking for, in my case we all talk about our experiences about a burnout, what they do before and after, when and why to leave a project etc... The humans, we are a social species we need to communicate to release tension, if you not is like drinking a poison meanwhile watching netflix.

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Lucas Olivera

Excellent advice. Don't give up on your project!