What was your win this week?

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Happy Friday!!

Looking back at your week, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small!

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Drinking less caffeine
  • Contributing to OSS
  • Fixing a trickster bug
  • Watering your plants...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‰
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This week, I merged my first commit into Elixir core!

PR in question was this: github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/pull...

Jose gave me pointers of where to start, but it was amazing to be able to dive into Elixir source code and understand how the language work, and I love it!

Hoping to contribute more to Elixir/Ruby related projects and just OSS in general :D



This week, I made an open source contribution to the sidekiq-throttled gem that will improve it's performance dramatically for certain use cases. It is not merged yet, but the maintainers like it so far!


This week, I...updated the labeling system on the DEV repo! I didn't go through and relabel our backlog but it feels like the right direction moving forward.


That's amazing! Have wanted a better labelling system for awhile. Thanks for your effort :)


This week, I destroyed my release branch by merging the wrong branch into it and then paired with a coworker to fix it and merge the release branch into develop! Git is rough sometimes 😡


This week, I shipped the third Glitch Challenge: Make a Web Map with Leaflet! The hope is for these challenges to make getting started on Glitch a little bit easier -- if you have a chance to give it a try and make a web map, would love to hear how it goes! glitch.com/culture/make-a-web-map-...

(also I made a fun version while developing the real one; see gif below πŸ‘)


This week, I solved a bug that broke one of the most important features in a legacy application after updating it's libraries and build versions to add support for something else (fortunately the version wasn't released yet).
After 1.5 days of debugging, building and testing I finally found the solution 1 hour before my weekend starts.



My win of the week was to recovering from a burnout, I realized my personal project was not as good as I thought, also I discovered some local projects in production better than the mine, I got demotivated, the passion about it slow down, but after taking couple days resting and speaking with other devs, I am on the road again and working in the project.
My grain of sand:

1) Do not compare your project with others if you are not sure that is for making your own better.

2) If you are in a burnout moment, rest, rest, rest, let your mind to take a break.

3) Speak with colleagues, they could have the answers you are looking for, in my case we all talk about our experiences about a burnout, what they do before and after, when and why to leave a project etc... The humans, we are a social species we need to communicate to release tension, if you not is like drinking a poison meanwhile watching netflix.


Excellent advice. Don't give up on your project!


This week, I built my first portfolio/blog πŸŽ‰πŸ’²


Congrats! Keep going, make minor improvements here and there, and then move onto your next project when you're comfortable.


One of my students and I finished an assignment they had on writing a minimum-heap in Python 3 ( dev.to/therealdarkmage/writing-a-m.... )

I made some progress on a primitive game development setup in Python 3 for quick prototyping, Proof-of-concepts, and GameDev Jams. The direction of the game has also been decided, which is very exciting because I have something that I actually WANT to work on now!

Also, I just have to say..."Spark joy" is a phrase I've heard on "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo...I love to see a fellow dev using it ^_^


This week, I recovered my lost car keys from the airport. Thank you Tile! πŸ˜€


This week, I set up set up reverse proxies on a few sub-domains! Now nginx doesn't doesn't so intimidating. :)

I also made my first technical post and I got two teeth pulled (one of which being a wisdom tooth)! So that alone is a major personal win lol.



This week, my startup moesif finally have its non-technical hire. We are super excited.

bit more context, we are all engineers so far, and recruiting and trying to figure what to look for in non-technical hires is surprisingly hard.


This week, I...

got promoted to Senior Test Engie


Strangely enough..

This week, I drank a lot less caffeine

No Caffeine


That's hard, bro. I do that over the weekends. I dare not do it during the week.


Had to be done. Now if I can just cut out the snacking, lol!


This week, I convinced my main client to spend some money on marketing after 23 years of a $0 marketing budget ( which, amazingly, is only beginning to bite the company in the ass because they were the only game in town in their field for a LONG time )

conga parrot


I got a team lead offer from my old employer, although I am not sure if I can get out of my lease :(

Got invited for final interviews at 2 companies next week, one of which is a 100% remote position that pays well.

And tonight I'm going on a date after not doing anything social for way too freaking long!


This week, I...

  1. Increased my followers from ~10 to 200+!!! I believe this is due to my first semi-popular post on this website. dev.to/trevornemanic/tips-to-survi...
  2. Started learning Django to complement my Android knowledge. Django has been pretty great to work with so far. I can't wait to start doing more difficult and complex work building APIs.
  3. Finally released a feature for the QA team to test after seven months of painful development and setbacks. https://media.giphy.com/media/aiE3JQU3vLqTK/giphy.gif

This week, I managed to use both markdown files and Google docs as sources in Gatsby with minor prior experience with react and using graphql for the first time.


This week, I published my second article on this amazing platform and in just two days, it passed 2048 views. 🀩
I love this community and the nightmode theme and I've started contributing to this wonderful project.
life's good


This week, I...deployed my first Rails app on Heroku! It's a simple image-uploading site that's a tribute to MySpace and GeoCities! (And I figured out enough Bootstrap to make it trans-flag colors!)

It's called GallerySpace: young-dusk-31073.herokuapp.com/


This week, I...

Now rest...


This week, I got a new work laptop, which pushed me to set up a dotfiles repo and, more importantly, an install script to automate a installing CLI tools, text editors, browsers, etc.

Mickey does automation


This week, I finally got back to writing again.

I travel to a lot of events, work with interesting technologies and talk to amazing people (who I learn a lot from). And I always keep thinking I need to share some of those learnings -- but procrastinate because I feel I never have the time to make it perfect. This week I am going with something is better than nothing and getting past that inertia.

So I wrote my second (ever) post on LinkedIn - and got my dev.to account setup with my organization corrected so I can start writing and sharing more content here again. Baby steps but I'll take it!

Furiously typing


This week, I code reviewed 5 tasks -- repeatedly, for some -- and 3 of them were resolved. Yay! I love our team. Also, I'm almost done with my task so yay! πŸ₯³

Being a newbie senior developer is hard -- especially when you're experiencing good old imposter syndrome. πŸ˜…

But... still powering through... πŸ’ͺ🏼

I also published a blog post, my first movie review on Searching (2018) film! 🧠


This week, I...

Figured out how to use Terraform and Ansible to allow a AWS EC2 instance to clone a CodeCommit repository using roles and policies rather than HTTPS or SSH credentials. (post incoming :))


This week, I finally pushed live the big update to the project that's my primary focus at work.

It's a legacy intranet system, and has rather a lot of technical debt, so the fact that it mostly went without a hitch is pretty significant. The update covers:

  • A rewrite of the homepage to a new, React-based one
  • A new megamenu, also React-based
  • A significant amount of refactoring

Next big thing coming is moving from PHP 5.6 to 7.1...


This week, I published my first blog post right here on dev.to.

Glad to get that first one out the door with a huge backlog of ideas for more to come!


I wrote three posts on here and really enjoyed interacting with the community! I also raised an issue in the DEV repo and have been toying with the idea of taking it on πŸ˜„


This week, I learned I learned how the new Angular Architect CLI works (hasn't been released yet)!

Ive got a working build where the Angular CLI is bundling with Rollup instead of Webpack. Post coming next week!


This week, I...

  • Used my Fitbit Versa to pay wireless with my watch for the first time. Always cool to try new tech ⌚️
  • An acquaintance of mine personally reached out because she was interested in my Lean Content Marketing course idea. Validation that there is interest in the product I'm setting up as my first viable product idea that I'm pursuing explicitly ✊🏻
  • I've found some useful stuff like frameworks that I could use to create SaaS backends for some of my ideas


This week, I helped and taught a student (on Discord) how to build a filter app using HTML5, CSS and ES6 (JS being the biggest part).
I also made a new decent web app called PhoneFilter.

Last but not least... dislike my placement even more.


This week, I helped and taught a student (on Discord) how to build a filter app using HTML5, CSS and ES6 (JS being the biggest part).

I also made a new decent web app called PhoneFilter.

Last but not least... dislike my placement even more.


This week, I made a ton of progress on a new feature at work and planned a big announcement for Learn AWS By Using It.


This week, I...was able to figure out how to make my Free WordPress site nicer: highcenburg.tech.blog/contact πŸ˜„ Anyone who can help me make the contact form look better?


Optimized two queries (not mine) which took well over an hour, to queries which take 30 seconds. (Getting a few million rows from a few tables totaling a few hundred GiB.) I'm going to dedicated a post on this, and a few other things, on dev.to soon.


This week, I completed the Code With Mosh Object-Oriented JavaScript course and documented all my learning here: github.com/BolajiAyodeji/OOP-JavaS...
Heading to Mastering React next :)


This week, I finally did the first APIs and Microservices project of the FreeCodeCamp curriculum and tried MongoDB. Still a lot to learn but I feel great!


This week, I got my capstone project approved for bootcamp!


engaging with more people and solving problems not in my head but with team....enjoying new job!


This week, I...
Got 13k lines of code in fixing Open Source bug.


This week, i come back to sport . correct a lot of bugs... finish devwars stack.
I am now more present on the twitch streaming and on dev.to with more articles coming :) oh yeah


This week, I resolved a lot of issues on one of my main project at work which is a big step forward ! I also launched this project that I worked on my free time :)

I joined dev.to community today !


This week, I learned Rails and Fast JSON:API in time for an important presentation!


This week, I actively tried to contribute answers to questions related to topics I'm learning about on different platform such as Stackoverflow and Quora.
Because I'm working on autocompletion and another new feature for Objective-C in AppCode, I needed to learn more about Objective-C which I had never used and also brush up on Kotlin.
It's proved quite challenging to phrase the answers in such a way that I myself would find useful as well had I come across it while googling. I see this as an opportunity to practice communicating technical topics in an elaborate, but at the same time concise way.

During my efforts of getting back into Kotlin and re-discovering its language features, I steadily got the feeling of being able to connect the pieces of theory I have acquired during the past few years in academia.

It's been an exciting week and it's nice to slowly be able to see improvements in my problem solving skills. Knowing that the career / study journey will never be completely obstacle-free, I plan on making more efforts to also cherish small moments of success and to remain focused on my learning objectives.


This week, I...

Fixed every known bug in IE for one of our applications. Painful but getting it done felt like a huge victory.


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