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Needing help with Importing / parsing tweets into Wordpress posts

gusma profile image Gustavo Malamud ・1 min read


I'm looking for a way to import Twitter posts from a user automatically into Wordpress posts, bearing in mind that the image contained in a Tweet becomes the featured image.

So far, I've managed to:

1- Turn the twitter feed into an RSS feed (through a service such as,
2- Import the feed into Wordpress through a syndication service (such as WP Syndication, have tried WP RSS aggregator also),
3- Alas, I cannot manage to make a tweet's image into a featured image by default. Any ideas on how to handle this?

I've also thought of other ways this could be done, eg. if there were a service that could turn the twitter feed into a json file and see if there were better fit plugins/ options to import said json file or something like that. But so far, the decisions taken 1 through 3 are the upstanding ones. I know that a while ago there may have been other options as well (eg. in the past I had managed to do something similar by turning a Twitter feed into a structured feed through Yahoo pipes, but I cannot remember much now)

Any ideas on how this could be better implemented?

Caveat: I'm using Wordpress because it's what the client prefers to be flexible to move contents and design around, not necessarily because it's optimal (Gatsby could be better, for an example).

All inputs appreciated.


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