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🔮 SuperDuperDB is #3 on GitHub Trending globally! 🥉

We have just launched our open-source framework SuperDuperDB on Tuesday which is trending in the top 10 globally on GitHub for the second time in a row, today at #3.

This is a great testament that other developers also see the pain points of complex MLOps pipelines, specialized vector databases, and the need to move your data all over the place when building AI applications. A big thank you to the community for sharing in our vision and supporting #SuperDuperDB

SuperDuperDB is an open-source Python framework to integrates AI and vector search with major enterprise databases. By integrating AI at the data’s source SuperDuperDB massively simplifies building and managing AI applications, eliminating complex MLOps pipelines, specialized vector databases - and the need to migrate and duplicate data.

VentureBeat already covered the launch
This is our website
This is our main GitHub repository

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It looks great