EchoJS for the latest JS news.

Hacker News for general tech news.

Github's trending repos for cool projects and new tools. is also one of my daily go-tos.

Although it's a weekly thing, I highly recommend thedialtone for interesting news and articles on software development, project management and culture.


I don't have much time to read blog posts these days, so is about the only one I check out daily.

What's more interesting to me is: how do you keep track of interesting articles? Do you read them right away? If not, where do you keep them? And how do you not forget to check them out?


I have made it a habit to read daily. First thing I do after signing in to my work desk is go through and Technotification (it's like a ritual for me now).


I recently got a Medium Membership and it's definitely been worth it. There are so many interesting publications and writers.

Classic DEV Post from Sep 9 '18

Is front-end development having an identity crisis?

Does front-end development as a we know it still exist; or has the role evolved into something we no longer recognise? As with evolution in nature, the evolution of "front-end" has resulted in several distinct flavours --- and in my opinion --- an identity crisis.

Gregory Sequeira

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