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Which eclipse IDE shortcut/feature you wish you had known sooner?

gregorys100 profile image Gregory Sequeira ・1 min read

Off lately, I have started using jUnit in eclipse and it continues to baffle me how little I know of my IDE and how powerful it can be.

Do you have come across such features or shortcuts or subtleties that you wish you had known sooner or you wish people know about?

Do let the community know!

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Simon Taddiken

Its definitly Strg+, and Strg+. to navigate between markers. Very powerful feature. Then there is Strg+2,L which will automatically create a declaration from an expression (but sadly it works rather unstable)

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Bertil Muth • Edited

2 of my favorites: alt shift r (rename refactoring) and f3 (open file with declaration)

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Gregory Sequeira Author

I think F3 must be hands-down the most used shortcut :D