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Mwenda Harun Mbaabu
Mwenda Harun Mbaabu

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One AI Tool For All Your Needs❗️

I recently came across Popai, a personal assistant that can extract text from images, create presentations for you, perform visual searches, generate handwriting summaries, and much more.

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Today, let me show you how you can make the most of it.

You can test Popai out here: 👉, and if you use my discount code 'MBAABU,' you'll receive a 20% discount.

As i said popai offer different feature which includes creating presentation, pdf reader, generate images and much more.

  • With popai, you can transform ideas into PowerPoint slides effortlessly and easily modify, and outline content.

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  • With popai you can also chat with PDF and extract visual content which enables you to interpret chats and graphs easily.

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  • Popai comes with very many useful features that we can't exhaust in out tweet, check it out now Remember to use "MBAABU" to get 20% discount.

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