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GraphQL Editor

GraphQL Editor 2.0

tomekponiat profile image Tomek Poniatowicz Originally published at Updated on ・1 min read

Today we have launched a new version of GraphQL Editor, a tool we believe can help developers save a lot of time & effort creating their GraphQL based APIs.

About the tool

The GraphQL Editor is a supportive tool for both advanced GraphQL users as well as those making their first steps with GraphQL APIs.

We aim to solve two basic issues:

  • ease web development (both frontend & backend side)
  • fix communication issues within a development team

GraphQL Editor

GraphQL Editor Features:

  • GraphQL IDE - Prototype your schema or import your own and start working with GraphQL right away.

  • Built-in GraphiQL - Built-in most popular in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL. No need to set up your own environment.

  • Schema Stitching - We have a built-in schema stitching. Create new GraphQL schema from multiple underlying GraphQL APIs.

  • Instant Fake Backend - Generate fake backend out of your schema in a no time thanks to Levenshtein algorithm.

  • Schema Visualization - Import your schema to the editor. You can do it both by importing GQL file or copying directly code.

And a lot more! You can read about the features here.


We would love to have your feedback! You can post your comments here, hit me with a DM or a mail. The tools have a 7-day free trial, but if you need more time for a test I can provide some coupon codes. Thanks in advance!

Discussion (6)

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jacobmgevans profile image
Jacob Evans

This was cool when I saw it the first time looks even better! I tried to get my teams project to use it but they are so deep with what they are doing they are afraid to change or use ANYTHING different or new 😕

tomekponiat profile image
Tomek Poniatowicz Author

Thanks for warm words! Hopefully some day your team will give it a try;)

dcsan profile image

Thank you!

entrptaher profile image
Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻

Looks great.

talentlessguy profile image
v 1 r t l • Edited

We use GraphQL editor at Komfy and we like it so far. The main disadvantage is disauthetification problem. Everything else is fine

aexol profile image
Artur Czemiel

The problem is gone in newest version! Thank you for the github issue