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Graham Morby
Graham Morby

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When is the right time to go it alone...

Enceladus Digital Limited

I've done it, I've handed my notice in and I'm going it alone. It's a scary thought, making sure the work is there and that I have enough work to keep a roof over my family's head. But when is the right time to make a go of it? Is it when you have had 20 roles? 40 even? or do you for it from code school, whatever code school was to you.

So the one thing I have learned in over 20 years of development is a change will do you good. Now don't get me wrong staying somewhere and learning codebases is great but in the long run, you get left behind, that may be different in some places but most places say a finance company or a blue-chip just want working code, they don't mind when it was built as long as it works.

Our job is hard enough without trying to move with the times. Coding changes monthly, and daily in some places where learning new skills, and keeping up with current tech is hard. The only way you can do that is to experience different projects, different code bases, and most importantly to work with different developers. It's taken me so much time to work that out and I made the choice now to work contracts, take on clients and do different jobs with different tech and hopefully create a nice little home for my work.

And I will blog the progress, I'll try and be open about the process and hopefully, it will be a happy and jolly experience. But I also want to do a podcast and have some cool developers on there, some new to the industry and like me some old heads to tell tales of the tape! So watch out for that!!!

So I'll bid you a great day and thanks for reading this article, and today I raise a coffee to the dawn of my 'Enceladus Digital Limited'

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Michael Tharrington • Edited on

This is so cool! Congrats on making this move. 🙌

I can imagine that this is a bit nerve-racking, but it sounds like you're ready for it. And I do agree with ya that "change will do you good."

A whole spew of song lyrics are invading my brain now related to changes and the unknown... which is just how my brain works, haha! But yeah, definitely hearing "Into the Great Wide Open" now. I mean, the verses don't really apply, haha, but I'm singing the chorus now with your post in mind.

Here's to the next steps of your career! ☕️

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Graham Morby Author

Ahh what a great tune!! Its certainly an exciting time and I'm very happy I made the choice to go for it! I think anyone has the power to go for it. I just have so many things to do now!!!

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Andrew Baisden

Good luck on your career journey!