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Graham Morby
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My journey to CTO

So some people have posted few comments on my last post on becoming a CTO, one of the main things to come out of that was 'context', how did I get here etc. So I thought it was a good idea to give you a quick brief timeline

  • Started development in my free time circa 1995
  • My parents told me this computer thing wouldn't make it so became a Print and Media operator in 1998
  • The computer thing did take off so self taught HTML and CSS 2008
  • Got my first junior job in 2010 working six months for free
  • Sometime around 2012 I started to learn PHP after finishing JavaScript
  • Made mid level developer by 2015
  • Senior developer by 2018 - at this point I was learning Vue and Laravel more
  • 2022 I retrained in Python and Made CTO

That gives you some idea as to how I got where I am. The thing is I'm still not sure I'm ready for the roll and the other thing and this is a big one, am I ready to pretty much stop coding? This will be something we will touch on in the coming posts.

The response to the lats post was awesome and I hope in the coming posts you folks stick around and see what and how this works out.

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