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Who owns our code? Part 2

Tech lawyer Luis Villa returns to Go Time to school us once again on the intellectual property concerns of software creators in this crazy day we live in. This time around, we’re focusing on the implications of Large Language Models, code generation, and crazy stuff like that.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's Go Time!
(00:49) - Welcoming Luis back to the pod
(04:24) - A quick TL;DR on the last episode
(06:58) - Monkey selfies and AI copyright law
(09:31) - A baseline understanding of AI & ML
(19:51) - Diving deep into trademarks
(22:55) - AI is incompatible with current copyright law
(25:06) - EU vs US copyright law
(26:31) - Past analogies courts used for these cases
(28:41) - Is using Copilot plagiarism?
(31:27) - Another interesting analogy on copyright
(32:00) - Natalie corrects a few important details
(33:39) - What does it mean to be "open"?
(40:38) - Sponsor: The Changelog
(42:21) - Natalie's view as an OpenAI ambassador
(45:37) - The origin of "openness"
(49:19) - Copilot & the boundaries of plagiarism
(55:26) - What does "cleanrooming" mean?
(56:33) - Part 3 coming soon?!
(56:58) - It's time for Unpopular Opinions!
(57:35) - Luis's unpop
(59:12) - Kris's unpop
(59:53) - Kris's unpop resolution
(1:01:20) - Natalie's unpop
(1:02:12) - Angelica's unpop
(1:04:06) - Time to Go!
(1:04:20) - Outro (listen to Part 1)

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