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Go Time

What's new in Go 1.20

Our “what’s new in Go” correspondent Carl Johnson joins Mat & Johnny to discuss… what’s new in Go 1.20, of course! What’d you expect, an episode about Rust?! That’s preposterous…

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's Go Time!
(01:48) - Welcome back Carl!
(04:15) - Reintroducing Carl
(07:00) - Community updates
(11:24) - Gophercon UK 2023
(11:35) - Shout AT: London Gophers
(12:51) - Ron Evans on 2053: A Go Odyssey
(14:38) - Multi errors on Go 1.20?
(20:03) -
(23:49) - Sponsor: Changelog++
(24:45) - What's the deal with comparable?
(29:50) - Designing for flexibility
(34:19) - Slices
(38:19) - "Johnny Did a Great Link" by Mat Ryer
(38:56) - Context, Context everywhere
(42:16) - First hot take of the episode
(42:57) - Experimental memory arenas
(47:57) - "I Can't Think of Any Words" by Mat Ryer
(49:54) - http.ResponseController
(54:29) - It's time for Unpopular Opinions!
(55:02) - Carl's unpop
(1:00:33) - Mat's unpop
(1:02:49) - Johnny's unpop
(1:06:10) - Roasting all world leaders
(1:10:01) - Time to Go!
(1:11:12) - Outro

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