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Go Time

This will blow your docs off

In a world where most documentation sucks, large language models write better than humans, and people won’t be bothered to type full sentences with actual punctuation.

Two men… against all odds… join an award-worthy podcast… hosted by a coin-operated, singing code monkey (?)… to convince the developer world they’re doing it ALL wrong.

Grab your code-generator and heat up that cold cup of coffee on your desk. Because this episode of Go Time is about to blow your docs off!

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Show Notes:

  • a.k.a. “Doc, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”
  • a.k.a. “Doc-a Schoen”
  • a.k.a. “Like Doc-work”
  • a.k.a. “Pull Your Docs Up”
  • a.k.a. “What’s Up, Docs?”
  • a.k.a. “A Doc-work Orange”

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(00:00) - In a world...
(01:29) - It's Go Time!
(02:27) - Welcoming our guests
(12:06) - Usage docs
(20:35) - Maintaining docs
(29:10) - Sponsor: Changelog++
(30:05) - Don't believe the Hype
(36:11) - Document-driven development
(40:55) - The bigger takeaways
(44:53) - It's time for Unpopular Opinions!
(45:53) - Mark's unpop[0]
(51:51) - Cory's unpop
(58:18) - Mark's unpop[1]
(1:02:23) - Mark's unpop[2]
(1:03:23) - Johnny's unpop
(1:12:05) - Time to Go!
(1:13:27) - Next time on Go Time

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