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Go Time

Long-term code maintenance

Ole Bulbuk & Sandor Szücs join Natalie to discuss the ins & outs of long-term code maintenance. What does it take to maintain a codebase for a decade or more? How do you plan for that? What about inheriting a codebase for the long term? Oh, and (how) can AI help?

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's Go Time!
(00:50) - Welcoming Ole & Sandor
(02:55) - Experience with other languages
(04:29) - On the Ship of Theseus
(08:58) - Inheriting & maintaining old codebases
(13:51) - Biggest problems for long-term maintainance
(15:43) - On product-driven development
(19:14) - Ole's approach to software development
(21:38) - A better approach than TDD?
(24:27) - Planning for long-term maintainability
(32:22) - Improving test coverage
(33:38) - Sandor on cleanroom implementation
(36:25) - How can AI help with maintainability?
(37:25) - It's time for Unpopular Opinions!
(37:57) - Sandor's unpop
(39:38) - Ole's unpop
(41:35) - Natalie's unpop
(42:34) - Time to Go!
(42:55) - Outro

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